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Alphabets - - - appurtenant to the section on 'Why Did God Create?'.

    The modern ‘Western’ alphabet traveled to the modern world from the Latin-Roman alphabet, which came from the Greek alphabet, which came from the original proto-Sinaitic script used at the time of Moses.  Proto-Sinaitic picto-graphic script originated in the setting of Egyptian hieroglyphs.   
  The modern ‘Western’ alphabet looks very similar to the original proto-Sinaitic script.

   Below, the earliest Al-bet is at the far left column.  It originated from Egypt and begat the Hebrew Aleph-beyt and the Greek Alpha-beta.  The Latin alphabet at the far right column is used for English and many other languages.  It came from the Greek alphabet.  

   The Greeks rotated or flipped the original albet letters.  For example, the albet ‘ox head’ was rotated 180 degrees to become the Greek ‘alpha’, and the Latin ‘A’ which came from Greek.  Rotate the second letter ‘bet’ 90 degrees clockwise for ‘beta’ and ‘B’.  Similarities in shape and sounds will become apparent as far right and far left columns are considered.  The Latin script [and thus English] is more like proto-Sinaitic script than Hebrew which was modified by Aramaic shapes.


The ‘albet’ Proto-sinaitic picto-symbols are copied from items in nature and thereby receive meaning from nature.  Definitions of letter picto-symbols [see chart] help to define categories of words with common concepts.  For example, a ‘lamed’ is a symbol of a shepherds staff which eventually became the Latin ‘L’.  The crook of a staff was used to hook necks of lambs, to teach them.  The symbol and letter is used in words about Learning and teaching, especially consistent in Hebrew.  The albet letter system is highly consistent and gives much information to word roots.  It greatly increases understanding.

Genesis creation becomes more clear, as seen by the word ‘mayim’ for waters meaning ‘unknowns’; demonstrated in the paper ‘Why Did God Create’.  Genesis becomes alive and common sense in its meanings.  Picto-symbol letters, like roots of words, are assigned to define groupings of words with similar concepts and meanings.  Those concepts traveled from history through languages to our time, like the ‘waters’ root of ‘what?’.

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